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News Release - May 30, 2017:
Loraine Condominiums to Receive Facelift

Read about the Hotel Loraine in Now & Then: Room to Grow by Michael K. Bridgeman

Source: Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc. Downtown Dialogue, Vol. 20, No. 5


The Loraine Condominium is located in downtown Madison, just off the Capitol square. It is comprised of 87 units with 84 residential and three commercial units. The Loraine Condominium Unit Owners Association, Inc. (Association), is the association for the Condominium.

The Association web site has been created as a resource for residents of The Loraine. It is a place to learn a bit about the former Hotel Loraine (History), see what's going on in the neighborhood (Events), find out who are the Board members (Governance) and your responsibilities as a resident (Handbook).

Peruse the newsletter (Hotel Herald) for seasonal reminders, and visit the Building Manager's page (C.A.'s Site) for up-to-date information on things to know as a resident. Find out what the book club is currently reading (Loraine Literary Society), view miscellaneous information that may be of interest (Bulletin Board), and determine who to contact about various issues (Contacts). We also have a Facebook page (Loraine Friends) that needs attention so if you're on Facebook, have at it.

If you are a resident of The Loraine and have ideas, photos or information to share, please email them to the webmaster.

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